A designer passionate about combining aesthetics and problem-solving to translate intentions into a tremendous user experience.

A fresh take on the account page
tiket.com - 2021
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Elevating membership experience
tiket.com - 2020
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Other projects I've worked on
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In-App Chat Platform
UX & UI Design
tiket Odyssey Typeface
Art Direction
tiket Elite Rewards Iteration
UX & UI Design
About Me
My name is Yusak Yosefianus, but I go by Joesak Josefianoes (from archaic Indonesian writing) because I prefer J to Y typographically. 😜

My hours are mostly spent as a full-stack product designer at Gotrade↗, but in my spare time I watch lots of Youtube videos, exercise, listen to RnBs, and last but not least, sleep.

You can find my full resume here↗.
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